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Client success is our top priority.
Client success is our top priority.
The world of marketing has changed. It’s not a matter of prediction, we're living it right now. Digital marketing is the most effective way to market a business today, and will only rise in the near future. Ditch the “spray and pray” marketing strategy that has been the norm for so many.

We are here as a premiere digital marketing agency of brand-development and lead generating engineers and creators. This is where strategy meets results, objectives meet goals, and digital strategy meets your target lead. At Build Your Legacy, we employ winning (money-making) strategies that connect with your ideal buyers to build powerful brands, campaigns, and businesses. 
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😎 Our team is creative, committed, and results-driven. 

Build Your Legacy advertising agency, located in Dallas, Texas, is a mid-level (under 20 employees) team that has the experience to level-up your business’s sales but not so massive you lose the personal touch of one-on-one interaction with the owners for guidance and teaching. We're here to help you reach and exceed your goals.

We will take on your business as if it were your own.  We connect with your audiences emotionally, understand the psychology of your ideal buyer, and most importantly, position your brand above all others. Our team of creatives integrate dynamic marketing strategies with high impact messaging and tactical advertising blueprint to attract the right attention from the right people.

- Founders of BYL
Mike, Abbey, & Alex
Build Your Legacy - Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Email Lists & Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Print Media Campaigns
Build Your Legacy - Creative Branding

Creative Branding

Branding Strategies
High-Impact Messaging
Creative Design Development
Build Your Legacy - Content Creation

Content Creation

Weekly Deliverables
Social Graphics
Video Production
Build Your Legacy - Websites & Digital

Websites & Digital

Website Design & Programming
SEO—Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads Digital Marketing

Additional Services:

Branding & Identity

  • Brand Direction & Consulting
  • ​Corporate Identity
  • ​Content Planning & Strategies
  • ​Event Promotion & Strategies
  • ​PR Campaign Development

Creative & Design

  • Current Product Updating & Cleanup
  • ​Email & Marketing Campaigns
  • ​Digital Product (eBooks) Design
  • ​Funnel & Upsell Design
  • ​Packaging & Display Design
  • ​​Photography & Videography
  • Print & Digital Graphic Design
  • ​Web Site Design & Optimization

Social Media Marketing

  • Ad Management (FB & IG)
  • ​Brand Ambassador Programs & Strategies
  • ​Data-Driven Investment Allocation
  • ​Email & SMS List Capture & Strategies
  • ​Organic Social Media Marketing
  • ​Paid Social Media Marketing
  • ​Social Media Influencer Curation
  • ​Weekly Content Deliverables
  •  Convert New & Returning Customers
Through ad retargeting, email campaigns, and weekly content creation, we will use our time-tested methods to drive up your sales, average order values, and more.
  •  Turbo-Charge Your Online Business
Now is the time to take your online (eCommerce) business to the next level. Let us amp up your site traffic, determine your best audiences, and develop and killer branding and advertising strategy!
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Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.